Thanks for checking out my site- and letting me tell you a bit about myself!  I have been blessed with a love of music that was nurtured at an early age.  Beginning with guitar instruction at age 7, music was a significant part of my early home and family life (my mom and older brother both being very musically involved).  In my middle school and high school years, I began branching out to play percussion and electric bass, always dabbling in keyboards along the way and singing when I could muster the courage.  Also during those years, I had a significant mentor (thanks, Del!) who encouraged me in wider arenas of music transcription, songwriting, arranging, and recording.

This all led to pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts in Music at Wheaton College (emphasis in Composition/Arranging).  During the formative college years I was surrounded by incredible musicians, both on campus as well as at the church where I was serving in music ministry.  All the while, my passion for ministry was growing.  Upon graduation from college, I went immediately into full-time music ministry at a start-up church in north-central New Jersey.  Three years in New Jersey were followed by a move back home to the Chicago area and an amazing opportunity to join the music staff at Willow Creek Community Church, where I served for almost 8 years.  During the years at Willow Creek, I was privileged to music direct and play for live events with some amazing guest artists, and I was involved in live and studio recording projects with the Willow Creek teams- serving at different times in roles of arranger, music director, producer, and musician.

Since leaving Willow Creek the end of 2001, I have found my niche serving in smaller, start-up churches while developing freelance music pursuits.  Since 2004, I have operated MusicChartsNow.com, offering music transcribing and arranging services.  I have worked for a variety of entities including record companies, independent artists, churches, and video/theatre production companies.  Along the way, I have also chipped away at my personal project, GreatNameWorship.com, through which I am helping to resource the broader Church with quality arrangements of historic hymns and songs for use in modern worship settings.  Finally, in 2016, I completed construction of a home studio (studio67seven) from which to continue production involvement.

Over the years, I have had opportunity to perform with artists whose names you may know: Matt Redman, Fernando Ortega, Jeff Deyo (formerly of Sonicflood), Darlene Zschech, Nicole Nordeman, Alvin Slaughter, Tommy Walker, Ron Kenoly, Don Moen, Kerry Livgren (of Kansas), and the Chicago Children’s Choir among others. More importantly, though, throughout my journey I have been surrounded and challenged by amazing musicians and friends (whose names you likely don’t know but should!) who have consistently stretched me and broadened my musical experience.

I live in Batavia, IL with my wife, Shelley, and 3 children- Matthew , Elinor, and Nathan.

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